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Kevin Hart Makes Fitness Fun

Kevin Hart Makes Fitness Fun

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I love a good fitness buddy. Someone who makes workouts fun and productive. Someone who can make me laugh while I’m dying in the middle of a workout. Staying fit can be hard. It can get you down. That’s why we love all the fun, energetic creativity Kevin Hart brings to fitness. Comedian Kevin Hart makes fitness fun!

Who is Kevin Hart?

If you don’t know Kevin Hart, you need to get out from under your rock. Or at least get a good streaming service under there. Kevin Hart is a big name, big heart, a big personality in a compact but fit package. His birthday is on July 6, 1979. He stands 5’2” tall. Originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania he now makes his home in Los Angeles, California. Hart is married to Eniko Parrish and they have 3 children together.

He has starred in movies (The Wedding Ringer, Uptown Saturday Night, Night School, Central Intelligence, Ride Along….the list really goes on and on), TV shows, comedy specials on Netflix, and Comedy Central, and documentaries. Hart has starred alongside some of Hollywood’s top actors (Ice Cube, Bryan Cranston, Dwayne Johnson…again, the list goes on and on).

His box office success has even led to some hilarious voice-over roles as the voice of an emotionally conflicted rabbit in “The Secret Life of Pets” as well as the voice of a mischievous and creative young boy in the movie “Captain Underpants the First Epic Movie.” He’s even an author with two books available on Audible:

With all of this going on it is hard to imagine how he is able to find time to get in his exercise. He’s a busy guy who brings humor and energy to everything he does. And if you need some inspiration or just a little recreation when it comes to your fitness, he’s the guy for the job. Let’s talk about why.


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If you’ve seen Kevin Hart on-screen, you know that while he’s not the biggest guy by height, he’s pretty fit and toned. He has even made his way onto the cover of Men’s Fitness.

It is hard to imagine how his trainer, Ron Boss Everline, is able to get through a training session with a guy as funny as Kevin Hart. I guess his passion for fitness is no laughing matter. The results of his workout routine are clear just from looking at him. 

Follow him on social media and you’ll quickly realize that fitness and fun are just part of his lifestyle.

“Working out is great. Working out with a friend is even better, especially when you’re going to try something new.”

-Kevin Heart (What the Fit – Tiffany Haddish episode 3)

Check out his social media and you’ll find Kevin Hart likes to mix up his workouts. He’s up for a little bit of everything and he loves having a workout buddy. Hart not only thinks of fun ways to stay fit, he usually has a famous friend in tow with him on his hi-jinks.

In his YouTube series, What The Fit, Hart is always looking for ways to laugh his way through his workout with his celebrity friends. From rollerblading to marching band, even gymnastics, Hart is up for it.

Tiffany Haddish

Tiffany Haddish has to be one of the funniest women alive right now. She and Hart make a great team in this video where they go rollerblading. Haddish didn’t just participate, she SHOWED UP! Try not to laugh.

Khloe Kardashian

Up for something animalistic? How about a little Goat Yoga with Khloe Kardashian?! I’m telling you, Hart is up to try almost anything. Check out the video!

Terry Crews

Terry Crews could give anyone a run for their money in the fitness department. Check out our article about his workouts and fitness. In this video from YouTube, Kevin and Terry Crews go head to head with some kids in a gymnastics class. You will not be disappointed!

There are more episodes that are all worth watching so check out his channel on YouTube.

Hart Loves His Fans

But if you thought Kevin Hart only hangs with celebrities, you’re wrong.

In 2015, Hart invited his social media followers on 13 spontaneous 5K runs with him around the country. In cities like Atlanta, Dallas, Philadelphia, and New York, Hart would put out messages on his social media accounts inviting his millions of fans to join him for early morning runs, giving a time, place, and distance.

He even partnered with Nike to help the movement gain momentum and encourage people of all running levels to join in the fun. Hart, who is always up for a new way to work out, wasn’t much of a runner when the movement started, found he enjoyed running, and finding a new way to connect with fans. Let’s hope he brings this back one day! 

I love that Kevin Hart shows all of us that you don’t have to be perfect to be great. He’s a man who’s about friendship, family, fun, and fitness. And when times got tough in the news around his marriage, he was upfront and open when most of us would have wanted to hide and deny. That takes a big man.

Through the years, despite good times and bad, Hart keeps bringing smiles and fun to everyone and everywhere he goes. He lives a life healthy in mind, body, and spirit. Hart makes fitness fun, and everything around it fun, too. For the man with a heart in his chest that’s bigger than his name, we can’t get enough Kevin Hart!

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