Dr. Now Diet Guide & Resources

Dr. Now Diet Guide & Resources

For fans of Dr. Nowzaradan and the TLC show My 600 lb. Life we’ve put together a a few popular resources. Here is the diet guide, post-surgery supplement list, and Dr. Now’s published books. We’ve made these documents and images easy to download and pin so you can reference them later! 

Dr. Now’s Diet

It’s not always clear what is and isn’t on Dr. Nowzaradan’s prescribed diet based on what subjects of the show choose to eat. So we put together a quick guide to what Dr. Nowzaradan likely tells his patients they should and shouldn’t be eating to lose weight pre-surgery. 

EMH Dr Now Diet Breakdown 

If you’re looking for a quick no-no guide, you can also check this out: 

Dr. Now Diet Guide & Resources


For those who are looking for a great sample of an actual menu, we’ve put this together for you: 
Dr. Now Diet Guide & Resources

Supplements Guide

After weight loss surgery, most patients are prescribed supplements to ensure that they get all the nutrition they need without relying fully on what they get from food alone. This quick guide is the short list of what is most commonly recommended post-weight loss surgery. 

Dr. Nowzaradan’s Books

Our list of Dr. Now resources wouldn’t be complete without talking about his books. 
Dr. Now Diet Guide & Resources

Dr. Nowzaradan isn’t just a doctor, he’s an author as well. If you want more insight into his approach and experience, check out these two books. 


We hope these Dr. Now resources help you learn more about Dr. Now’s approach and the experience of the subjects of My 600 lb. Life. Remember, if you’re interested in losing weight through diet, fitness, or other lifestyle changes, it’s always best to start by working with your doctor. Everyone’s journey to health is different and the guidance and assistance of qualified medical practitioners is SO important! 

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